Watch Case Size Guide">Watch Case Size Guide

Watch Case Size Guide

Picking the right watch case size is an important factor in suiting your style. The watch case size is the diameter or width of the front of the watch or housing, excluding the lugs that attach it to the links or band. There isn’t a consensual agreement to what the watch case size should be but it’s more of a personal decision than anything. Typically the average size of a men’s watch case is 35mm or about 1.5 inches. However there are those who believe a bigger watch case is better, some say 39 mm and some say 42 mm. There are those who say it should be around 36-40mm for men, others 38mm-47mm but the point is to complement the body size and wrist. Some just simply get bigger watch sizes because it is bigger. Don’t be one of those people. It is a trend these days to get bigger watch cases, pick one that is perfect for you.

I personally believe the watch case size should be influenced primarily on what body type you are and second on what type of watch you are looking to purchase. It is known that luxury watches typically have a large case size, usually 43mm and above. I think this is acceptable seeing how luxury watches are usually meant to be bold. Sports watches also have larger case size due to added functions. Dress watches can go either way with smaller case sizes for a discrete look or a larger size to stand out. Casual watches vary and is really up to you.

I think these are reasonable general sizes:

Midsize: 34mm-36mm.
Men’s Average: 37mm-39mm
Men’s Sport: 40mm-42mm.
Mens XL: 45mm

But when it comes down to it really the most important thing is what you are comfortable wearing and how it sits on your wrist. Choose a size that you believe complements you and gives you confidence. Attached is a simple guide to case sizes. Simply print the page out and pick your desired size. This will be what the watch looks like on you. Good luck!


Watch Case Size Guide PDF

Watch Case Size Guide

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