The Different Types of Watches

The Different Types of Watches

What are the different types of watches? There are many types to choose from all with unique styles in each category. Is your style more of a casual watch? Maybe a dress watch or a professional one for more formal occasions? A classic watch or luxury watch might fit your needs if you are a collector or an enthusiast. There are also sports watches for those with a more active lifestyle. Learn more about what they are in order to choose the right watch for you.

Casual Watches

Casual watches can be referred to as an everyday watch. You can wear these everyday on casual occasions and they are great for work or running errands or casual things in general. They aren’t for getting dressed up and should be a relatively plain watch, nothing with fancy bells and whistles.

Dress Watches/Professional Watches

A dress watch is for anytime you wear a suit or tuxedo. A fancy dinner or a night out are perfect occasions for when a dress watch will work with your outfit. Typically dress watches should be thin and not flashy. A smaller case size often gives a slim look. A clean, elegant watch to adhere to your suave style. Professional watches are those used for formal occasions, such as business meetings or fancy parties. Usually professional watches have a leather strap and a simple case, with a case size a little bigger than average. Professional watches should help make you look more mature and experienced.

Classic Watches

Classic watches are those that have a long tradition in the watch industry. There are many Swiss classic watches that are a cohesive mix of function and style. They are icons of innovation and culture, classic watches are the ones that helped shaped out opinions of what works well and that it also pleases the eye. Traditionally classic watches have a stainless steel case and bracelet with a rustic look to it, the kind you’d imagine James Bond wearing. Classic watches can include vintage watches too.

Luxury Watches

Luxury watches are watches that are highly regarded by watch collectors and enthusiasts. Most Swiss watches fall under this category due to its impressive craftsmanship and high quality. Luxury watches are ones with complicated movements and elegant complications, such as chronographs or date functions. Luxury watches are encased with superior materials and closely resemble classic watches in design.

Sports Watches

Sports watches are a selection of watches for those with an active lifestyle. For the man looking for adventure sports watches are a perfect match. There are divers watches, or Marine watches, with high water resistance that can withstand the pressure of deep sea diving. There are some that can reach as deep as 2000 meters! Divers watches include a high water resistance, unidirectional rotating bezel, and luminescent hands and markers. Omega and Rolex makes some superior divers watches. There are also pilot watches, or aviator watches, with functions that aid in navigating the skies. They typically have more than one chronographs among other features. Breitling is known for pilot watches.

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