Best Watch Winders

If you own an automatic watch then you already know that a watch winder is a wonderful tool for maintaining your watch’s functions. Automatic watches require motion from the owner’s arm in order to keep the mainspring winding and if left for several days it will need to be winded again. Of course you could always wind it manually but if you have multiple watches in your collection then it will become increasingly difficult not to mention a nuisance to self-wind them all by hand. That’s where the watch winder comes in. It has a very simple purpose: to rotate … → Continue Reading →

Common Ways to Cause Watch Problems

Just because a watch is expensive doesn’t mean it can’t break. An expensive watch is expensive because it was made of the highest caliber but that doesn’t mean it’s safeguarded from the elements or from everything. A watch has to be properly looked after and maintained with utmost care if you are going to want it to last for a long time. But sometimes we can overlook simple things that can cause our watch to have problems. Things that we think might now be a problem can in fact cause the life of a watch to dwindle. Here are some … → Continue Reading →

5 Watch Maintenance Tips

Just because a watch is expensive doesn’t mean that it’s never going to break down. If you want your watch to last as long as possible you are going to need to take care of it. Pretend like it’s a luxury sports car, even then you are going to have to put in some effort to properly maintain it. A Swiss watch can have hundreds of parts and constant neglect can lead to parts wearing out. It is a luxury investment and should be frequently looked after. Proper watch maintenance will sustain the life of your watch allowing you to … → Continue Reading →

Automatic vs Manual Movement

Automatic vs Manual Movement You may have noticed that some watches have manual movement versus the more popular automatic option but what exactly is manual and automatic movement? Also referred to as hand-wound and self-winding watches respectively, which is the better option for a watch? Nowadays you will see less and less of watches with manual movements and almost exclusively automatic movements. Today we are going to learn the difference between the two. The Manual Movement The manual movement, or hand-wound watches, refers to the type of movement in a watch that requires manual winding in order to reserve the … → Continue Reading →

Top 5 Swiss Watches for Men

There are plenty of Swiss watches for men out there to choose but what are some of the most popular Swiss watches of all time? In this case I mean the most searched for Swiss watches of all time. Here are the top 5 Swiss watches for men that are looked for by watch enthusiasts and aficionados everywhere. They include watches from Breitling, Rolex, TAG Heuer, Omega, and Longines. Top 5 Swiss Watches for Men 1. Breitling Navitimer At the top of our list is the Breitling Navitimer which was introduced in 1952 and has become one of the most … → Continue Reading →

Signs of a Quality Watch

A quality luxury Swiss watch has over 300 parts in it assembled so delicately that it creates a masterpiece. A well crafted watch should be able to tell time for many years to come and even lasting for generations for you to pass down. We all know Swiss made watches are synonymous with perfection and a high quality Swiss watch is a valuable investment. What makes a quality watch though and how can you tell them apart? Here are some signs of a quality watch. Signs of a Quality Watch Weight Weight is an important factor. A quality watch should … → Continue Reading →

How to Get a Discount On a Swiss Watch

Tips On How to Get a Discount On a Swiss Watch Swiss watches are in high demand but they come at a price. Desired around the world means that these watches don’t come cheap which is why you’d be smart to look around for discounts. You might think ‘Can I really get a Swiss watch at a discounted price?’ The answer is yes as long as you put in a little effort and know where to look. These watches can cost thousands of dollars but it’s possible to get a bargain. Here is how to get a discount on a … → Continue Reading →

5 Reasons Why People Buy Swiss Watches

There’s a reason people buy Swiss watches, they have proven time and time again to be the best watches in the market. The culture and history behind these watches have made them famous around the globe, making them in high demand for watch enthusiasts and watch collectors alike. Sure there are other watches out there that may be high quality but nothing says a watch is high caliber more than a Swiss watch does. Here are some reasons why people buy Swiss watches. Quality Everyone knows that a Swiss watch is of amazingly high end quality. There’s no doubt about … → Continue Reading →

History of the Swiss Watch

The history of the Swiss watch is long and full of challenges. It had to go through a lot to be where it is today, the most highly regarded watches in the world. The Swiss watch industry first appeared in Geneva in the middle of the 16th century. Jean Calvin banned the wearing of jewels in 1541 which led to goldsmiths and jewelers turning to the craft of watchmaking. A century later Geneva became crowded with watchmakers so many of them left the city to the Jura mountains. It was here that a goldsmith by the name of Daniel Jeanrichard introduced … → Continue Reading →

The Different Types of Watches

The Different Types of Watches What are the different types of watches? There are many types to choose from all with unique styles in each category. Is your style more of a casual watch? Maybe a dress watch or a professional one for more formal occasions? A classic watch or luxury watch might fit your needs if you are a collector or an enthusiast. There are also sports watches for those with a more active lifestyle. Learn more about what they are in order to choose the right watch for you. Casual Watches Casual watches can be referred to as … → Continue Reading →

How to Spot a Fake Swiss Watch

How to Spot a Fake Swiss Watch You probably won’t ever need to spot a fake Swiss watch if you buy from a reputable dealer or website but it’s a good thing to know just in case. Replicas and counterfeits have been in high demand ever since people wanted watches they couldn’t afford. The market for fake watches has been booming and nowadays it can be hard to tell the authentic ones from the imitations, being that they are surprisingly detailed and high in quality. Everything from the look, weight, and even the smell can be replicated. In fact it … → Continue Reading →

Who Makes the Best Swiss Watch?

There are so many Swiss watch brands on the market but what are the best? Although Swiss made watches are known for their innovative quality there are a few notable brands that stand out a lot. Factors such as price, design, innovation, and reputation are key in what makes a great Swiss watch. Remember that when you’re buying a Swiss watch you’re not buying it to tell the time for you, it’s to make a statement of who you are. Opinions will vary widely for most watch enthusiasts and that’s not to say that there might be some bias in … → Continue Reading →