5 Reasons Why People Buy Swiss Watches

There’s a reason people buy Swiss watches, they have proven time and time again to be the best watches in the market. The culture and history behind these watches have made them famous around the globe, making them in high demand for watch enthusiasts and watch collectors alike. Sure there are other watches out there that may be high quality but nothing says a watch is high caliber more than a Swiss watch does. Here are some reasons why people buy Swiss watches.


Everyone knows that a Swiss watch is of amazingly high end quality. There’s no doubt about it, watches from Switzerland are manufactured from the finest materials and with the most accurate craftsmanship in the world. Every dollar spent on a Swiss made watch is worth it and they embody both technical and aesthetic qualities. A Swiss movement is very complicated and technical and its history has proven how innovative the industry can be. The inscription Swiss Made isn’t take lightly, it means that the watch has gone through strict standards and regulations to ensure its impeccable quality. It is also remarkable how much manual skill is required to fit a Swiss watch together and the testing that it is gone through afterwards to insure that it is top notch. Swiss made watches are intended to be made to trump all others with focused effort and skillful execution.


Swiss made watches have time and time again shown that the industry understands what customers want. There are many, many watches that are designed with utmost sincerity, giving birth to a plethora of elegant and classic designs. Every company in the Swiss watchmaking industry has its own distinct style that pushes the boundaries of innovation constantly. These watches are made to meet sophisticated tastes and brilliant designs in order to provide the owner with satisfaction. Movements in a Swiss watch aren’t made easily and fascinate many by its complexity and beauty. Design has made Swiss watchmaking an art in itself.


Swiss made watches have a history, a long history that has challenged the craft of watchmaking itself. Beginning in the 16th century the industry persisted despite economic crisis to deliver beautiful and elegant watches year after year. Tradition and innovation have propelled the Swiss watchmaking industry even during troubled times to the top of the market, demonstrating how valuable they are. Suffering a tough time in the 1970’s and 1980’s the industry bounced back to dominate the market and set a record for itself with exports of 4.6 billion in 1986 growing to become over 20 billion in 2011! Its history has cemented its reputation and is one of many reasons why people buy Swiss watches.


These watches are durable and long-lasting as is shown by the many customers that have watches that have lasted for generations. The beauty of its movements last for years and years without any sign of error, which is one of the reasons why Swiss made watches increase in value over time. It’s really like making an investment because as watches become rarer and rarer its value can go nowhere but up. When you buy a Swiss watch you aren’t really buying a watch, you are merely taking care of it for the next generation to come.


Owning a Swiss made watch is to show others your social status. Mostly only wealthy and affluent people are able to afford them which makes them that much more desirable. A Swiss watch isn’t purchased to tell time, it is to make a statement about yourself. It tells others that you are doing well for yourself and helps to earn respect and admiration. Their amazing quality, brilliant designs, long history, impeccable movements, and timeless appeal are several reasons why people buy Swiss watches.


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