How to Spot a Fake Swiss Watch

How to Spot a Fake Swiss Watch

You probably won’t ever need to spot a fake Swiss watch if you buy from a reputable dealer or website but it’s a good thing to know just in case. Replicas and counterfeits have been in high demand ever since people wanted watches they couldn’t afford. The market for fake watches has been booming and nowadays it can be hard to tell the authentic ones from the imitations, being that they are surprisingly detailed and high in quality. Everything from the look, weight, and even the smell can be replicated. In fact it has become so big that the revenue for replicas sometimes exceed the revenue of legal dealers. Even watch experts can have a hard time telling the difference. Fake watches can even be sold from respective watch shops due to its impeccable resemblance to the real thing. So if it’s difficult to point out the replica from the authentic, how exactly do you recognize a fake Swiss watch? Attention to detail and a little logic and reasoning.


This is a major factor in determining a fake Swiss watch. If the price of a watch is strikingly lower than retail price then that should be a red flag of a fake watch. Watches from different distributors should vary slightly in price, don’t skimp out on the price. A deal too good to be true should ring alarm bells, although there are fake Swiss watches out there that are being sold at full price which makes it that much more difficult to spot the replicas.

Certified Dealers

You can usually find a list of certified dealers on the manufacturer’s website. These are dealers that are allowed to legally sell authentic timepieces. If you have any doubts call the company to inquire if where you are buying from is reputable.


The dials of Swiss watches should have the “Swiss” or “Swiss made” inscription. If the watch doesn’t have it or it says “Made in Switzerland” then it is fake. Also to note is that the engraving should be perfectly cut, no sandy or misshapen inscriptions.


Buying a Swiss watch should include the authentic papers and have a nice package, although distributors like Amazon and other certified dealers don’t include the papers. Unless you are buying from a trusted dealer make sure that the documents and package are authentic.


There should be a certificate of conformance and a health certificate as well, both processed by the importer for authentic watches. Ask for these from a shop dealer.

Catalog Features

Look through the watch catalog to find and compare the watch model you’re looking into. Fake watches may have minor differences that you can spot. Sometimes you can clearly spot irregularities in a watch. Microscopic faults are all you need to go running for the hills.


A Swiss watch is given a 2-year warranty or in some cases may last for 3 years. Any more or less and you should be tipped off on its authenticity.

If you want to find out more about spotting fake watches you can visit this site.


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