How to Get a Discount On a Swiss Watch

Tips On How to Get a Discount On a Swiss Watch

Swiss watches are in high demand but they come at a price. Desired around the world means that these watches don’t come cheap which is why you’d be smart to look around for discounts. You might think ‘Can I really get a Swiss watch at a discounted price?’ The answer is yes as long as you put in a little effort and know where to look. These watches can cost thousands of dollars but it’s possible to get a bargain. Here is how to get a discount on a Swiss watch.

Look For Extras


Prices from local departments or watch stores usually don’t differ much. Manufacturers work closely together to come up with a fairly stable price for retailers, being that most manufacturers only produce a small amount of watches each year. Demand drives customers to buy watches even with retail prices so stores don’t have to offer big discounts to get them sold. But if you’re buying from stores you can usually bargain for a few extras. You could get extra straps or maintenance tools or something more. Stores should be the last place to buy a watch though unless you have money to waste.


Online Retailers


Online retailers usually offer big discounts. Amazon and eBay are great places to buy watches from and are trusted sources. There are thousands of customers that are satisfied with the experience and were surprised how much they saved online. The reason why online retailers are able to sell at cheaper prices is because there is lower overhead costs and there are more customers buying. The biggest con though is that you don’t get to test the watch in real life and see how it looks on you but you could always look at them in the shops first before buying online. If you’re skeptical about buying online however you can always turn to the real deal.


International Boutiques


If you’re REALLY looking for a big discount you can get really cheap Swiss watches in Europe and other countries. Many boutiques in Europe have close ties with companies allowing for prices to be more competitive and offering a wider selection of watches to choose from. There are also reputable stores in Hong Kong and Singapore that sell Swiss watches with major discounts, with prices usually much lower than in Europe or the United States due to exchange rates. You should calculate how much shipping and other costs would be however to see how much you’re really saving. Buying abroad means you’ll have to wire money over or pay by credit card which usually means the merchant will have to pay a percentage of the costs.


And there it is, some tips on how to get a discount on a Swiss watch. Getting a real bargain is always exciting and paying full retail is never the smartest use of your money. Shop wisely! You might even get a discount on the most popular watches.


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